Our First Cast

Well, Chris and I finally got off our collective rears… Here it is…

Rule Zero Ep 0 – Expectations


Episode 0, in which we introduce ourselves and explain what it is we’re doing here. With anything new, there are a number of expectations attached to it. We’re both new to this and so we’ll learn a lot as we go about how to do this better. For now, we’re going to let you know our experience up to this point, and give our opinions on what to expect from this Cast, a Campaign, and a Character – THE THREE C’S!


We reveal and discuss the 2011 Origins awards nominees in the Best Roleplaying Game category.  You can find the link to the awards here:



We discuss our gaming past and where we come from when we’re talking about our opinions of gaming.

The podcast itself is discussed as we talk about our expectations of what could come of this podcast.

Starting a new gaming campaign is always an uncertain proposition. We talk about what players and GMs expect going into one.

When you make up a character, you have some ideas of that character’s path in life. We’ll talk about what people expect when they make up a new character or bring one to the game.

4 thoughts on “Our First Cast”

  1. We’ll probably try to get as many sizes and styles as our soon to be fine supplier will give us. This usually means that if you are in the “usual” size range you can get a T-shirt.

  2. How about a link to that Penny Arcade game on the Wizards of the Coast podcast?

    Oh, and good podcast. Like the CNN/Headline News version of a role playing podcast. Probably the only kind I would return to.

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