Monthly Archives: June 2011

Technical Difficulties

Chris here. I could log in as Chris, but I can’t find my password at the moment, so… Rule Zero here. Rule Zero is a bit of a dolt this week. Thought it might be cute to splash a little seltzer on my computer. Might spritz it up a little, I thought. So, yeah, gonna let that one dry out for a bit. If I don’t get it back after a day or so more, I’ll have to pull that drive out and get a new machine. That drive has all the music and recording software, not to mention the fact that it seems to be the only box that I can use my Super Podcast Headset on.

Eric and I were going to record this week, but instead, I’m going to have to put it off a couple days. We had some really good con-related content in time for Origins, which… ends Sunday. So, less relevant. But we can apply the same ideas to GenCon. Next show, we’ll explore the ins and outs of convention games. Stay tuned!


Time for Some Thrilling Heroics

Looks like I’m going to be running a Serenity RPG for some friends. I haven’t seen the show in a while so I better bone up on that. And, what’s more intimidating, at least two of the players haven’t gamed before. That means I have to present gaming in a way that they will enjoy themselves, and also be true to the universe that they know a lot better than I do. That’s a lot of responsibility. The last thing I want to do is convince two people that role-playing is a big disappointment.

I’m reading up on the rules now. I think I have a pretty good handle on things. Most RPG systems tend to boil down to a basic concept: Some character ability is factored into a random number generator, which is compared to a target number for success.  I think beyond that, the rest is details. So I’m not going to worry so much about learning all the intricacies of the system.

However, if anyone has played Serenity in the past, and has any dire warnings that I ought to know about, by all means, send me a message at chris (at) rulezeropodcast dot com and let me know.