Episode 2 – The Con Game

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Episode 02 – The Con Game


Our long-awaited Episode 2, in which Chris and Pete (Pete?! Yes, Pete! Listen to the podcast!) talk about Convention Games and compare them to home games and campaign games, and discuss a few pointers on attending conventions, and on running and playing in convention games. To make up for lost time, we go a bit longer. But we had a lot to talk about.

Marvel Heroes from Margaret Weis Productions



We talk about upcoming releases and recent events. In particular:
Origins Awards
Ennie Awards

Dreden Files RPG
Evil Hat Productions


DC Adventures

Neverwinter Online

Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO


We talk about our experiences with conventions and our preconceptions going into them. We discuss what defines a con game and how a con game differs from a home game.

And the greatest RP moment was this:

The game was Spirit of the Century. The story was called Swords of Mars, loosely based on the John Carter of Mars series. Pete was playing the John Carter character, I was playing a Red Martian pirate who captained a flying pirate ship. A fellow named Matt was playing a savage Green Martian, whose people had been almost completely exterminated by the evil emperor, who was the main bad guy in the story.

In the last act of the session, the Emperor caught up with us at our destination, an ancient Martian temple. The Emperor had with him a cybernetically dominated Green Martian whom he flaunted as a slave. At the sight of his fellow Green Martian, Matt’s character was filled with a sense of hope, and we could tell that he would put himself at great risk to rescue his fellow from slavery at the hands of the evil overlord. In a show of power, the Emperor killed the slave and then elaborated his plan to us in typical villain fashion, because he was certain we had no way of stopping his plans. Matt’s Green Martian was seething throughout the whole speech. At the end of it, Pete’s character said “You’ve thought everything through very well. But you’ve made one fatal mistake.” The overlord sneered, “And what mistake is that?” And Pete deadpanned “You killed a Green Martian.” At that moment Matt leapt up from his seat and gave a mighty roar of savage rage… and the fight commenced.

Truly, you had to be there, but it was really awesome.