Episode 5 – The Skinnery

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Episode 05 – The Skinnery


How to Make a Game System out of a Game System


We have a very brief intro and news segment, before going into the Heart of the Matter. We really wanted to talk about how we reskinned an entire game system for a home-brew campaign. It’s a blend of house rules and stripping down of the AGE system from the Dragon Age pen & paper RPG.

Mass Effect 3 is out… Still have 1 & 2 to get through… but i just finished DAO!

Marvel: Available for pre-order which gets you a free download of the PDF from http://www.margaretweis.com/

Pre-order DC Adventuers Heroes and Villains Vol 2 (Lady Shiva through Victor Zsasz) at GR.com  (as of 3/7).

Speaking of GR, there’s an open playtest going (as of 2/20) on for Dragon Age set 3, which takes the PCs from level 11-20. http://greenronin.com/2012/02/dragon-age-set-3-playtest.php

Critical Hits podcast and blog:

Eric’s Campaign based on A.G.E.