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Pete here.  I was just checking out a cool thing that Liz and Lyndsay were doing over on – talking about 5 games that have influenced the way they view gaming and why you should play them.    So, in that vein, I humbly present Pete’s Five Games:


1. Top Secret – this was my first non-fantasy game and it was great to get outside of playing elves and dwarves and get into playing an Agent.  My good buddy, Matt, ran this for me and a small group of cronies in High School.  It helped me break the mental mold regarding RPGs being all about Tolkienesque settings.  Matt ran Paranoia next.  Oy.

2.  Knights of the Apocalypse – this was a homebrew game that my dear friend, Pete K wrote back in the early ’90s.  It was vaguely reminiscent of about a dozen other games.  The thing that really stuck with me was the price you paid for casting magic: the more magic you used, the less in touch with reality you became.  It was very cool and diverged from the “standard” magic systems I was used to.  It showed me that you could think outside the gaming box.

3. Dogs in the Vineyard – the first time I played this, I got so emotionally involved in the characters that when one died, I got so upset I had to leave the table.  This game made storytelling as a prime function of gaming a trope with me.

4. Apocalypse World – This game re-arranged my concept of the group dynamic in a role-playing game.  The game we had in Ithaca was startling, risky, adventurous, painful and ALWAYS entertaining.  Even when the dice were against us, we wanted to play more.  That kind of excitement is rare and valuable.

5. Burning Wheel – this is the game that I blame for most of the arguments I’ve had with other GMs.  And that is AWESOME!  BW made me completely rethink how I run games, how I play in games, and how I plan for games.  It shook up my D&D wired brain and left me fumbling (in a good way) towards the gaming settings I’ve always desired.

There you go!  I’m curious to see what Chris has to say.  Feel free to comment, hit us up on twitter/facebook/google+ OR blog about it and be sure link back to Liz and Lyndsay!

Game on!

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  1. Going to play Dogs in the Vineyard at Origins this year. Looking forward to that.

    And oh my goodness, I forgot to mention that we’re on Google+

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