Episode 7 – Undies on the Outside

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Episode 07 – Undies on the Outside


Dress Like a Superhero!
The RZP guys talk about superhero gaming, from the early days of Villains and Vigilantes to the brand new Marvel game from Margaret Weis Productions!

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Also, hey, we broke 200 downloads of the last ep. Awesome. Thanks everybody!

Special thanks to @SlyFlourish for running a great playtest that I can’t talk about yet.


Post release edit:

Additional voice acting on the skit was from Steve Backus and my wife Sharon

– Chris

4 thoughts on “Episode 7 – Undies on the Outside”

  1. BTW: DCUO gives you an option to display different equipment than the equipment that feeds your stats. Basically, there’s a cosmetic appearance tab in addition to the normal equipment tab (if I remember correctly).

    I had trouble with the combo click concept for different attacks. some were oddly timed, you had to click twice and then press a key of some sort, or click and then click and hold, and if you didn’t get the timing right on the clicks, the attack wouldn’t work. This became really frustrating b/c I have been using my computer for YEARS and two clicks for me is a reflexive double click, which is too fast for the system to register as two individual clicks. I distinctly remember pounding the left and right click buttons deliberately trying to get the timing down.

    Otherwise I thought the game had a good look and fun gameplay. I liked the travel power challenges, and combat had a very physical feel to it. Things get slammed around the way a superhero game should be.

  2. Cool! I’m actually gagging to play. I just need to upgrade my system and then I can give an honest reply. Your info has whet my appetite.

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