Love the D12, Part 1: The Early Years

I love the D12.  I can’t help it.  I even know it is called a dodecahedron in stereometry (or stereo geometry).  I love that it is  covered with pentagons.  I like the fact that has 12 SIDES!  Rock on!  I would have been so much happier had Wizards created the D12 Open License.

But, sadly, the noble D12 is forever relegated to the minor rolls category being only useful for things like damage from a great axe or the occasional really powerful dude in BESM.

Well, enough I say!  I want the D12 to have  a vital part in roleplaying games, Darn it!  (I’m trying to watch the Explicit Tag.  Chris gets cranky.)

Therefore, here I humbly present D12 Tuesdays!   And I even like the color!  My mission is to provide all of you with a different set of tables that you can use for various RPGs on an “Dag! I need something quick!” basis.

Tonight:  12 Names for a Pub, Bar, Road House, or Spaceport Dive

1.  Pleistocene Annie’s

2.  Driptherion’s

3.  The Pope and Duck

4.  Grundarmen’s Eats and Drinks

5.  Five Heads in a Fountain

6.  Stonecutter Lounge

7.  Munden’s Bar

8.  Heckles and Shekels.

9.  Tucking Native

10.  The Lazy Eye

11.  Lisa and Ryzhik’s Place

12.  Scum and Villainy


There you have it, gentle reader!  Now when you are strapped for a place to have your PCs meet NPCs, you need only roll your D12!

More to come!