Episode 12 – Winging It!

Episode 12 – Winging It!


Cheating to Win

in which Chris recounts his tale of running a one-shot interlude in the Pathfinder game, only to have to make stuff up on the fly! Goodness! Is that even legal? Fortunately, we have Pete to talk him down off the ledge. The basic discussion is about making things up on the fly for the good of the game. When is it OK to improvise? How much preparation is not enough preparation?

We have to preface this podcast with a mild apology. Pete references jumping in front of a train, but this is not a deliberate reference to the recent subway incident. This part of the conversation was actually recorded before (USA’s) Thanksgiving holiday, so no insensitivity to current events is intended. It was just an unfortunate coincidence.

The opening skit uses music by CadillacMatt95, which I got here  and for which we thank him greatly.

Having a full time job kind of caused this episode to be delayed, as I had to make up time from the hurricane. Why don’t they outlaw those things? Seems silly.

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