Westbound and Down


I would drive 400 miles and I would drive 400 more.

Well, I was hoping to get in another show before Origins, but we’ve been so ridiculously busy at the Rule Zero Studios in High Barsoom. We didn’t have time to get together and record, so you get the text version. I (Chris) will be at Origins this coming week, and Pete and I will BOTH be at GenCon. We hope to meet any listeners at either con who want to come up and introduce themselves. On select days I’ll be wearing my RZP Swag. It’s going to be a long drive in a crowded car. We’re bringing our daughter and her boyfriend to the convention this time and we’re all sharing a single room. Should be very relaxed and not awkward at all.

I love the opportunity that a convention presents as a chance to play new game systems, or to play in systems that I don’t get a chance to play in often. I am in a demo of a new game called Cold Steel Wardens. The theme of the convention is Superheroes, so this is a great year to premier this new system. It had a kickstarter that met its modest goal in January, and it’s making the rounds at conventions to build up an audience. Unfortunately, I don’t see a huge web presence for this game, and maybe I’m just too much of a slave to technology, but I’ve come to rely on it as a way to explore new games before making a financial commitment. If I like the demo, I’ll definitely check out any product they have out by convention time.

I’m also trying a game I haven’t played before called Grimmpunk, which just fascinates the bejeezus out of me. And I should FINALLY get a chance to try the DC Heroes game that went out of print only about 20 years ago. I remember seeing it, I remember people raving about it. But that was in the day when the only major superhero RPGs were V&V, Marvel (FASERIP), and Champions. Let’s see if DC Heroes stands the test of time to someone without the reverence of nostalgia shading my impressions. Right now I’m scheduled for 3 Hero System games, but I think I might have to drop one, just because of the exhaustion factor. Oddly enough, none of the 3 are superhero-themed. The real problem is that we have something scheduled for every single time slot possible to game in. Which means if we want to explore the dealers’ hall, or just relax a little and find a pickup game, we’ll have to drop something. But looking at my schedule, I’m really excited about all my games. If something has to go, it’ll probably have to be the thing I’m playing three of.

The RZP bus leaves Tuesday morning for the 400 mile drive to Columbis, Ohio. I hope to see you there!