Those who were left behind


Jealous much, Pete?

So, while I was left alone in charge of the Rule Zero Studios here in High Barsoom, I did a few things to pass the time. I got to play Torchbearer via Google Hangouts. I got to chat with friends in far flung places like Korea. And I spent a whole lot of time bitching about the fact that I didn’t go to Origins this year because I couldn’t pull it off logistically.

Ergo, I was sitting here, staring at the jolly, candy-like history-eraser button we have here in the studio, and generally bemoaning my fate when what should arrive via missile mail?


Wait! That’s not the important part. The important part is that this bag contained RZP schwag! Yes, Chris is always thinking about his sidekick and he got me two brilliantly wonderful t-shirts that I will be sporting at GenCon this year! W007!

Thank you to Chris and I’m looking forward to doing our annual Origins Awards show and discussing the Con.

Peace, love, and Game on!