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Pete has over 30 years of gaming experience. He enjoys long walks on the beach, dangerous sushi, and dressing up as a large marmot to fight crime on the streets of Upstate NY.

I have been deputized!

Hello all! Pete here.

Well, Dusque and Dove had me on their show again! Third time was charming! 😉 Myself, Nathan from, and Oliver from Immersion Studios were the guests and we discussed some cool tips on how to be a good role-player and a few DM tricks, as well!

A good time was had by all! Check us out at

OH! And because it was my third appearance in Season 2, I was made a Deputy Rolecaster! Indeed, I am a man with many hats. And a couple of sweaters. And a decent pair of boots!

Until next time…Game On!

They like me! They REALLY like me!

Or the Rolecasters have fallen for it again!

Hi all! Pete here!

It has been a grand week! I got retweeted by Geek & Sundry; the nice folks at Nordic Ford gave me a shout-out; and Rolecasters is having me back on this week’s round table! We’ll be discussing growing the RPG community! I’m thinking lots of sunlight and love! You can catch it tomorrow night: 7/29/15 at We begin around 9pm EST!

Hope to see you there!

Rolling with the Rolecasters

Or how I got to round-table with Dusque, Dove, and DM Aram and lived to tell the tale!

Hello all: Pete here!

I just finished a round-table discussion with the Rolecasters ( and other special guest DM Aram of Godsfall ( We had a lovely talk about the advantages and disadvantages of homebrew adventures/campaigns vs. published (canned) adventures/campaigns.

Had a grand time and look forward to doing it again in 4 weeks! You can catch me and the Rolecaster folks on Twitch!

Have a great one and Game On!

Addendum: You can hear all our wit and wisdom at I was on the most recent broadcast (aka Episode 2)!

New Season, Third Year, and How We Keep Bouncing Back

Hello, all! Pete here!

As you may have heard from our most recent ‘cast, the next episode will officially be the beginning of Season 2! Wooo! We made it! And just in time, because next month marks our Third Anniversary as a podcast! I think the third one is the dice anniversary. I wonder what Chris will get me?

That being said, I’m getting him dice.

While I was going over the episodes (#19 is actually our 20th episode!), that there are times when Chris and I seem on the verge of podfading. I can assure that should it come to a time when we are sick of doing this podcast that we will let you know. Within recent years, things have come up that neither Chris nor I have any control over and time seems to leap by. But, we like doing what we do and we will continue to do it as long as there are 60+ people out there to listen.

So, thank you for sticking with us. I think Season 2, is going to be pretty f*cking nifty!

Game on!

Those who were left behind


Jealous much, Pete?

So, while I was left alone in charge of the Rule Zero Studios here in High Barsoom, I did a few things to pass the time. I got to play Torchbearer via Google Hangouts. I got to chat with friends in far flung places like Korea. And I spent a whole lot of time bitching about the fact that I didn’t go to Origins this year because I couldn’t pull it off logistically.

Ergo, I was sitting here, staring at the jolly, candy-like history-eraser button we have here in the studio, and generally bemoaning my fate when what should arrive via missile mail?


Wait! That’s not the important part. The important part is that this bag contained RZP schwag! Yes, Chris is always thinking about his sidekick and he got me two brilliantly wonderful t-shirts that I will be sporting at GenCon this year! W007!

Thank you to Chris and I’m looking forward to doing our annual Origins Awards show and discussing the Con.

Peace, love, and Game on!


EFFF! Out of the hospital and into the Anniversary!

It is MAY already and that means that Rule Zero has turned Two Years Old! Yes, in spite of foul weather, poor planning, technical difficulties, and a horrible tendency on both of our parts to not schedule some pre-podcast time; we have managed to stick out for 15 episodes! WOOO! Yeah, US! Chris is off to Origins shortly, so hopefully we will get in our annual Origins Awards ‘cast.

Peace, love, and Sssssoul!

Hey! Happy Gaming New Year!

Hello gamers!

Well, Chris and I had a fairly cool Holiday Season. At least, I think we did. Chris wasn’t accepting my calls; so I guess that the honeymoon is officially over. I’m not terribly broken up about this, but still…

We hope YOU had a great Holiday Season and now we are looking forward to a potentially exciting gaming new year. Wil Wheaton’s Table Top continues to be an inspiration; as does the slew of podcasts, blogs, and forums that we here at Rule Zero follow regularly. The conventions this year hold the promise of awesome for all of us.

And Rule Zero Podcast will have its very first non-party interview with Mike Shea of! Stay tuned! This is coming soon.

I think.

Provided Chris will talk to me.

Game on, y’all!