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Episode 25 – Quantum Black

Episode 25 – Quantum BlackQuantum Black book cover


You Say Formless Beast of Lovecraftian Nightmares Like It’s a Bad Thing

Sharon, Chris, and Pete sit down with Ron Loz and Scott Jones and talk about their new book: Quantum Black. Quantum Black is a modern horror setting using the Ubiquity engine, the same system that powers the classic Hollow Earth Expeditions. Ron & Scott spent a lot of time working on this book, and kickstarted it late in 2015. The kickstarter was a success and they’re about to put it out, just in time for convention season!

Check out Quantum Black here

Visit their Facebook page


The book will be available here

And pretty soon, you can find the PDF on

And find Ron & Scott’s games at Origins and GenCon!

Need more Ubiquity games? Pick up Exile Studios’ flagship product here

Episode 24 – Holiday Gaming

Episode 24 – Holiday Gaming


DECK the HALLS! Get it?!

Another great talk about gaming, this time we talk about the now annual compulsory event known as THANKSGAMING, which will perpetually be held the day after Thanksgiving in the Dudley household. We invite you to do the same and share your stories. We also talk about other games we do as holiday celebration, including some RPG ideas and anecdotes. Then we dig into holidays as they appear in the games we play!

Here is a link to Sharon’s Multicultural Gingerbread Stories project page.

Here are some of the games we played on ThanksGaming (click to go to Amazon product page)

Marrying Mr Darcy Legendary Love Letter LoWd

Episode 23 – Horror Gaming

Episode 23 – Horror Gaming


I Was Insane Before I Ever Played Cthulhu

We sat down and had a pretty good talk about horror games in time for Halloween. Check out the show and let us know what we missed.

Special thanks to Matt Bassano at for our theme music!

And another shoutout to our sister show Dragonreel!

I have been deputized!

Hello all! Pete here.

Well, Dusque and Dove had me on their show again! Third time was charming! 😉 Myself, Nathan from, and Oliver from Immersion Studios were the guests and we discussed some cool tips on how to be a good role-player and a few DM tricks, as well!

A good time was had by all! Check us out at

OH! And because it was my third appearance in Season 2, I was made a Deputy Rolecaster! Indeed, I am a man with many hats. And a couple of sweaters. And a decent pair of boots!

Until next time…Game On!

Episode 22 – D&D&P&P

Episode 22 – D&D&P&P


Pride & Prejudice & Dragons

I really couldn’t decide on that one. But we went with the former.

The BIG NEWS is friends-of-the-show Ron & Scott have a Kickstarter going for the Quantum Black game setting for Ubiquity (Hollow Earth Expeditions). Click HERE to find it on Kickstarter! Get in on the campaign while it’s still there!

For the Heart of the Matter, Chris, Sharon, and Pete talk about how social systems in RPGs have evolved and appeared over the years we’ve all been playing. We’d love to hear from our listeners if we missed a major social system RPG. Enjoy the show, and the new promo pointing to our OTHER show on the Rule Zero Network, DragonReel! Find it at!

They like me! They REALLY like me!

Or the Rolecasters have fallen for it again!

Hi all! Pete here!

It has been a grand week! I got retweeted by Geek & Sundry; the nice folks at Nordic Ford gave me a shout-out; and Rolecasters is having me back on this week’s round table! We’ll be discussing growing the RPG community! I’m thinking lots of sunlight and love! You can catch it tomorrow night: 7/29/15 at We begin around 9pm EST!

Hope to see you there!

Rolling with the Rolecasters

Or how I got to round-table with Dusque, Dove, and DM Aram and lived to tell the tale!

Hello all: Pete here!

I just finished a round-table discussion with the Rolecasters ( and other special guest DM Aram of Godsfall ( We had a lovely talk about the advantages and disadvantages of homebrew adventures/campaigns vs. published (canned) adventures/campaigns.

Had a grand time and look forward to doing it again in 4 weeks! You can catch me and the Rolecaster folks on Twitch!

Have a great one and Game On!

Addendum: You can hear all our wit and wisdom at I was on the most recent broadcast (aka Episode 2)!

Episode 21 – Curse the Darkness & A Tragedy in Five Acts

Episode 21 – Curse the Darkness & A Tragedy in Five Acts


I got a chance to do a quick interview with Matthew McFarland & Michelle Lyons-McFarland at Origins Game Fair 2015. They told me all about a couple of games that they wrote that we think you should try. We’re definitely getting them!

(Apologies for the brief misspelling of your names!)

Episode 20 – Fifth Impressions

Episode 20 – Fifth Impresions


5E D&D & Me

Back from the dead, Chris & Pete talk about the latest new RPG to hit the shelves, it’s a little known game called Dungeons & Dragons. Fifth Edition came out a few months ago, and Chris has dived deep into the game and returned to tell us about his experiences.

Thanks for sticking with us!

Get a your 5th Edition D&D books from Amazon:

Players HandbookDungeon Master's Guide for D&DMonster Manual


Episode 18 – Tracy Barnett and Iron Edda

Episode 18 – Tracy Barnett and Iron Edda


One Game, Many Systems

This episode we were joined by Tracy Barnett of Sand & Steam Productions, to talk about his latest project: Iron Edda. It’s already got one successful kickstarter to its name, and that’s for the novel that Tracy is in the process of writing. Tracy is planning another kickstarter coming up, for the game in all its many variations. Iron Edda is going to be a Norse-flavored fantasy RPG about giant dwarven constructs and magically powered skeletal giants. That pitch doesn’t do it the least bit of justice, however, so you’re going to have to listen to the show to get the real scoop.

We also talk about the latest short-fused Reaper Bones kickstarter. Get in while the getting’s good, or miss the boat a second time.