Episode 23 – Horror Gaming

Episode 23 – Horror Gaming


I Was Insane Before I Ever Played Cthulhu

We sat down and had a pretty good talk about horror games in time for Halloween. Check out the show and let us know what we missed.

Special thanks to Matt Bassano at for our theme music!

And another shoutout to our sister show Dragonreel!

Episode 22 – D&D&P&P

Episode 22 – D&D&P&P


Pride & Prejudice & Dragons

I really couldn’t decide on that one. But we went with the former.

The BIG NEWS is friends-of-the-show Ron & Scott have a Kickstarter going for the Quantum Black game setting for Ubiquity (Hollow Earth Expeditions). Click HERE to find it on Kickstarter! Get in on the campaign while it’s still there!

For the Heart of the Matter, Chris, Sharon, and Pete talk about how social systems in RPGs have evolved and appeared over the years we’ve all been playing. We’d love to hear from our listeners if we missed a major social system RPG. Enjoy the show, and the new promo pointing to our OTHER show on the Rule Zero Network, DragonReel! Find it at!

New Season, Third Year, and How We Keep Bouncing Back

Hello, all! Pete here!

As you may have heard from our most recent ‘cast, the next episode will officially be the beginning of Season 2! Wooo! We made it! And just in time, because next month marks our Third Anniversary as a podcast! I think the third one is the dice anniversary. I wonder what Chris will get me?

That being said, I’m getting him dice.

While I was going over the episodes (#19 is actually our 20th episode!), that there are times when Chris and I seem on the verge of podfading. I can assure that should it come to a time when we are sick of doing this podcast that we will let you know. Within recent years, things have come up that neither Chris nor I have any control over and time seems to leap by. But, we like doing what we do and we will continue to do it as long as there are 60+ people out there to listen.

So, thank you for sticking with us. I think Season 2, is going to be pretty f*cking nifty!

Game on!

Episode 14 – Girls Game Wild

Episode 14 – Girls Game Wild


While You’re Up, Honey, Could You Slay Me a Dragon?

Chris talks about his brief but enlightening experience as one of the top 32 in Paizo’s RPG Superstar 2013 Contest.

After that brief break, we talk about the experience women have had in gaming. Actual women take part. They were in my house, guys. The feminine trio of Sharon, Amelia, and Alicia join us for a long and complicated discussion about how women are treated, and how women approach gaming.

Don’t think their experiences match up with yours? Did they miss a major point in the discussion? Totally agree with them? We want to hear what you have to say! Join in the discussion by sending us an email (you can even include an MP3 file!) to We’d love to hear from you!

Episode 13 – As Lazy As They Wanna Be

Episode 13 – As Lazy As They Wanna Be


A Wild SlyFlourish Appears!

Mike Shea of SlyFlourish (@SlyFlourish) joins us for a discussion about his latest book, The Lazy Dungeon Master. We discuss what brought the idea about, and why these ideas could help you in your game.

Mike also shares his thoughts on indie publishing in general, where the gaming market is going (citing the Mongoose State of the Mongoose article), and the Superman Trailer.

You won’t want to miss a minute of the action this time.

Episode 9 – ENnie Dream Will Do

Episode Link

Episode 9 – ENnie Dream Will Do


How Did Our News Segment Get So Long?

It started out as an innocent recap of some ENnie award categories we were interested in… Then turned into a discussion on D&D Next and the general history of munchkinism. At any rate, it turned out we had a lot to say about games and stuff.

Really, we’d like everyone to go over to the ENnie Awards Page and vote for the nominees. We name  a few of our favorites, including SlyFlourish for Best Blog. We rushed this show to release to make sure it’s out before voting ends on Sunday, July 29th. This coming Sunday is your last day, so get over to the site. We were in such a hurry, we didn’t even bleep it. Got the Explicit tag this time. Be warned.

For those who don’t click, here’s the URL:

Go there. Vote.

Episode 8 – CONNNNNNN!!!

Episode Link

Episode 8 – CONNNNNNN!!!


How I Spent My Origins Vacation

Chris, Pete, and special guest Sharon discuss our experiences at the recent Origins Game Fair 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. The convention was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center from May 30 – June 3. Chris and Sharon went with their daughter Alicia and we all had a great time. Our discussion recaps our experience, and focuses on Sharon’s impressions as a long-time gamer, first-time convention-goer. Sharon had a lot of anxiety going into the con because it was all terra incognita to her. As a blind gamer, she makes adaptations to play games at home that aren’t always available at the convention, but as it turns out, she had nothing to worry about.

Before the discussion, Pete and Chris recap the 2012 Origins Awards winners, and afterward, Chris makes a few game recommendations and shout-outs based on stuff he learned and people he met at the con.

Give us some feedback at our new email address and let us know what you think.

Shoutouts go to:

Games by Gamers Publishing, LLC for their Dungeon in a Deck

Sentinels of the Multiverse super-fun super-hero cooperative card game by Greater/Than/Games

Jim Davenport at Dragonlaird Gaming

Steven Saus at Alliteration Ink


Episode 7 – Undies on the Outside

Episode Link

Episode 07 – Undies on the Outside


Dress Like a Superhero!
The RZP guys talk about superhero gaming, from the early days of Villains and Vigilantes to the brand new Marvel game from Margaret Weis Productions!

Give us some feedback at our new email address and let us know what you think.

Also, hey, we broke 200 downloads of the last ep. Awesome. Thanks everybody!

Special thanks to @SlyFlourish for running a great playtest that I can’t talk about yet.


Post release edit:

Additional voice acting on the skit was from Steve Backus and my wife Sharon

– Chris

Episode 6 – Cannery Row

Episode link:

Episode 06 – Cannery Row


Pete and Chris talk about the pros and cons of running a game from a published adventure. Now with DRAMA!

OK, I may put up better show notes after I’ve had some sleep.


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