Episode 23 – Horror Gaming

Episode 23 – Horror Gaming


I Was Insane Before I Ever Played Cthulhu

We sat down and had a pretty good talk about horror games in time for Halloween. Check out the show and let us know what we missed.

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Episode 19 – Richard and Emily Gibbs of Board Games Now Blind Accessible

Episode 19 – Richard and Emily Gibbs of Board Games Now Blind Accessible


You’ve Got To Get Your Hands on These Games… No, Really.

For this episode, we were joined by Richard and Emily Gibbs of 64 Oz Games, who have a kickstarter up currently and for a limted time. This kickstarter addresses the needs of blind people like, oh, SHARON, who has been totally blind for a number of years, after growing up legally blind. Sharon helps Chris interview the Gibbses, as Pete is out sick. Check out the interview, go and check out the Kickstarter, and get involved. This one hits really close to home.

Episode 18 – Tracy Barnett and Iron Edda

Episode 18 – Tracy Barnett and Iron Edda


One Game, Many Systems

This episode we were joined by Tracy Barnett of Sand & Steam Productions, to talk about his latest project: Iron Edda. It’s already got one successful kickstarter to its name, and that’s for the novel that Tracy is in the process of writing. Tracy is planning another kickstarter coming up, for the game in all its many variations. Iron Edda is going to be a Norse-flavored fantasy RPG about giant dwarven constructs and magically powered skeletal giants. That pitch doesn’t do it the least bit of justice, however, so you’re going to have to listen to the show to get the real scoop.

We also talk about the latest short-fused Reaper Bones kickstarter. Get in while the getting’s good, or miss the boat a second time.


Episode 17 – Rodney Thompson

Episode 17 – Rodney Thompson


I Call Him Rodney

Rodney Thompson of Wizards of the Coast joins us this week for our discussion of all things Skullport. The new expansion for the board game Lords of Waterdeep, called Scoundrels of Skullport, actually contains two expansions in one. Rodney tells us a bit about the origins of the game, the process of creating the expansion, and what to expect in the new box. We at Rule Zero have been big fans of this game since it came out, and have spent many hours sending our agents to the various buildings in Waterdeep. Now these expansions add more secret lords, a new mechanic called Corruption, and new locations to send your agents. Also, Rodney tells us the big news they announced at GenCon. Owners of iOS tablets are going to love this one.

Before we do the interview, Chris briefly recounts his first visit to GenCon. There was too much to do and too little time, that’s one thing we’re sure of. We propose making GenCon run the entire length of August next year. Maybe then we’ll have the time to do everything we wanted.

A couple news items hitting the cast this episode. We tick off our favorite ENnie awards, and briefly discuss the  issue that’s come up in the forum on our website. If you’ve been there (which you haven’t), you know what I mean.


Episode 8 – CONNNNNNN!!!

Episode Link

Episode 8 – CONNNNNNN!!!


How I Spent My Origins Vacation

Chris, Pete, and special guest Sharon discuss our experiences at the recent Origins Game Fair 2012 in Columbus, Ohio. The convention was held at the Greater Columbus Convention Center from May 30 – June 3. Chris and Sharon went with their daughter Alicia and we all had a great time. Our discussion recaps our experience, and focuses on Sharon’s impressions as a long-time gamer, first-time convention-goer. Sharon had a lot of anxiety going into the con because it was all terra incognita to her. As a blind gamer, she makes adaptations to play games at home that aren’t always available at the convention, but as it turns out, she had nothing to worry about.

Before the discussion, Pete and Chris recap the 2012 Origins Awards winners, and afterward, Chris makes a few game recommendations and shout-outs based on stuff he learned and people he met at the con.

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Shoutouts go to:

Games by Gamers Publishing, LLC for their Dungeon in a Deck

Sentinels of the Multiverse super-fun super-hero cooperative card game by Greater/Than/Games

Jim Davenport at Dragonlaird Gaming

Steven Saus at Alliteration Ink


Episode 7 – Undies on the Outside

Episode Link

Episode 07 – Undies on the Outside


Dress Like a Superhero!
The RZP guys talk about superhero gaming, from the early days of Villains and Vigilantes to the brand new Marvel game from Margaret Weis Productions!

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Post release edit:

Additional voice acting on the skit was from Steve Backus and my wife Sharon

– Chris

Episode 6 – Cannery Row

Episode link:

Episode 06 – Cannery Row


Pete and Chris talk about the pros and cons of running a game from a published adventure. Now with DRAMA!

OK, I may put up better show notes after I’ve had some sleep.


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Our First Cast

Well, Chris and I finally got off our collective rears… Here it is…

Rule Zero Ep 0 – Expectations


Episode 0, in which we introduce ourselves and explain what it is we’re doing here. With anything new, there are a number of expectations attached to it. We’re both new to this and so we’ll learn a lot as we go about how to do this better. For now, we’re going to let you know our experience up to this point, and give our opinions on what to expect from this Cast, a Campaign, and a Character – THE THREE C’S!


We reveal and discuss the 2011 Origins awards nominees in the Best Roleplaying Game category.  You can find the link to the awards here:


We discuss our gaming past and where we come from when we’re talking about our opinions of gaming.

The podcast itself is discussed as we talk about our expectations of what could come of this podcast.

Starting a new gaming campaign is always an uncertain proposition. We talk about what players and GMs expect going into one.

When you make up a character, you have some ideas of that character’s path in life. We’ll talk about what people expect when they make up a new character or bring one to the game.