Episode 25 – Quantum Black

Episode 25 – Quantum BlackQuantum Black book cover


You Say Formless Beast of Lovecraftian Nightmares Like It’s a Bad Thing

Sharon, Chris, and Pete sit down with Ron Loz and Scott Jones and talk about their new book: Quantum Black. Quantum Black is a modern horror setting using the Ubiquity engine, the same system that powers the classic Hollow Earth Expeditions. Ron & Scott spent a lot of time working on this book, and kickstarted it late in 2015. The kickstarter was a success and they’re about to put it out, just in time for convention season!

Check out Quantum Black here

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The book will be available here

And pretty soon, you can find the PDF on

And find Ron & Scott’s games at Origins and GenCon!

Need more Ubiquity games? Pick up Exile Studios’ flagship product here

Episode 22 – D&D&P&P

Episode 22 – D&D&P&P


Pride & Prejudice & Dragons

I really couldn’t decide on that one. But we went with the former.

The BIG NEWS is friends-of-the-show Ron & Scott have a Kickstarter going for the Quantum Black game setting for Ubiquity (Hollow Earth Expeditions). Click HERE to find it on Kickstarter! Get in on the campaign while it’s still there!

For the Heart of the Matter, Chris, Sharon, and Pete talk about how social systems in RPGs have evolved and appeared over the years we’ve all been playing. We’d love to hear from our listeners if we missed a major social system RPG. Enjoy the show, and the new promo pointing to our OTHER show on the Rule Zero Network, DragonReel! Find it at!

Episode 21 – Curse the Darkness & A Tragedy in Five Acts

Episode 21 – Curse the Darkness & A Tragedy in Five Acts


I got a chance to do a quick interview with Matthew McFarland & Michelle Lyons-McFarland at Origins Game Fair 2015. They told me all about a couple of games that they wrote that we think you should try. We’re definitely getting them!

(Apologies for the brief misspelling of your names!)

Episode 18 – Tracy Barnett and Iron Edda

Episode 18 – Tracy Barnett and Iron Edda


One Game, Many Systems

This episode we were joined by Tracy Barnett of Sand & Steam Productions, to talk about his latest project: Iron Edda. It’s already got one successful kickstarter to its name, and that’s for the novel that Tracy is in the process of writing. Tracy is planning another kickstarter coming up, for the game in all its many variations. Iron Edda is going to be a Norse-flavored fantasy RPG about giant dwarven constructs and magically powered skeletal giants. That pitch doesn’t do it the least bit of justice, however, so you’re going to have to listen to the show to get the real scoop.

We also talk about the latest short-fused Reaper Bones kickstarter. Get in while the getting’s good, or miss the boat a second time.


Adventure Seed: Come the Investigators

In a cold New England town, a dark and ancient evil is stirring. The sinister chants of misguided humans seeking forbidden knowledge have awakened an intelligence from the time before time. Certain townsfolk who remember their little community’s mysterious past suspect that something from another world is whispering dark secrets into the ear of the local librarian. It brings the attention from those who have made it their lives’ work to investigate these intrusions into the material world. Favors are called in, contacts made, help is sought, and then several new strangers arrive in town, seeking clues to unravel the hold the dark and ancient evil has on the town.

What’s a dark and ancient evil to do?

The seed: One thing I often wonder about investigative Cthulhu games is this: What does this adventure look like from the monster’s point of view? Of course, part of the genre is that the monsters are unfathomable mysteries that have desires and motivations beyond anything mere humans can understand. But the evil things that lurk in the darkness of investigative horror must at some point be aware of the investigators, and some of the things monsters do in horror games, well, you just have to wonder: Are they just fucking with the humans?

So, while I don’t really have the inclination to stat up the adventure, I offer it as an idea for those who enjoy a light-hearted romp into unimaginable horror. It would make a fun one-shot for a group that might have had too much investigation in their games lately (or simply too much to drink one night). If this were to be played as a convention game, the  GM could reward players (as monster PCs) for making the investigators work harder unnecessarily. Extra points for driving an investigator so insane he kills another investigator. There could be lots of ways you could play it out.

I offer this game adventure concept to you free of charge, a gift from Rule Zero to you.

Episode 13 – As Lazy As They Wanna Be

Episode 13 – As Lazy As They Wanna Be


A Wild SlyFlourish Appears!

Mike Shea of SlyFlourish (@SlyFlourish) joins us for a discussion about his latest book, The Lazy Dungeon Master. We discuss what brought the idea about, and why these ideas could help you in your game.

Mike also shares his thoughts on indie publishing in general, where the gaming market is going (citing the Mongoose State of the Mongoose article), and the Superman Trailer.

You won’t want to miss a minute of the action this time.